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“Please remember to be careful of older neighbours this evening”

Age Action would like to remind people that many older people are afraid of Halloween and are afraid of people calling and making a nuisance of themselves.  And we would like people as they are going around this evening to keep an eye out for any neighbours they think might be vulnerable. And please if you have bangers and fireworks don’t set them off near the homes of older people.


“Age Action, the ICA and the NWCI are calling on the Government to live up to the provisions of the European Pillar on Social Rights, particularly its commitment to pension equality.”

Fair State Pension

Age Action, The ICA and the NWCI hope that the Government live up to the agreed text of The Interinstitutional Proclamation on the European Pillar of Social Rights as agreed by the Council of Ministers of Employment, Social Policy and Consumer Affairs in Luxembourg on the 23rd October 2017.  This Proclamation includes a commitment to equality of pension rights; Principle No 15 states:

a) Workers and the self-employed in retirement have the right to a pension commensurate to their contributions and ensuring an adequate income. Women and men shall have equal opportunities to acquire pension rights.

b) Everyone in old age has the right to resources that ensure living in dignity.”

The present Government is failing to achieve both goals in a variety of ways but particularly in relation to their refusal to tackle State Pension Inequities made worse by the changes introduced in 2012. 

A good indication of their commitment to the Pillar would be the reversal of these changes in the forthcoming Finance Bill. 

Signed by:

Marie O’Toole,                                  John Church                       Orla O’Connor

National President, ICA                    CEO Age Action                  Director NWCI

Media Contact Age Action: Gerard Scully 01 4756989

Age Action and the ICA welcomes Dáil vote on Pension Inequities

Orla O’Connor of the National Women’s Council, Marie O’Toole of the Irish Countywomen’s Association and Lorraine Fitzsimons of Age Action urging support for our petition for a fair State Pension.

Age Action and the ICA welcomes today’s decision of the Dáil to reverse the changes introduced in 2012 to how the State Contributory Pension is administered.  Today’s decision will begin the process of restoring pension entitlements to older people who had been denied them by a bureaucratic mechanism designed to save money at the expense of older people who had contributed to the country and the system.  These changes have meant at least 37,000 older people, 62% of whom are women, have been forced to live on reduced State Pensions, many experiencing great hardship.  This motion was an opportunity for the Government to undo the harm done in 2012.  . 

Age Action would like to thank Irish Country Women’s Association and the National Women’s Council of Ireland who have also campaigned for today’s decision.

Gerard Scully  Spokesperson  Age Action,  Marie O’Toole  National President ICA