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Our Vision and Mission

Age Action Vision & Mission
Vision of Ageing in Society in Ireland: ‘Ireland becomes the best country in which to grow older’

Our vision is that Ireland is the first country to apply fully the United Nations Principles for Older Persons into our national way of life in order to improve the quality of life of all older people and to transform all our attitudes towards ageing and older people. The UN principles are summarised below.

Older persons should have access to the full range of services for their basic needs, to work as long as they wish with access to educational and training programmes, to live in safe and adaptable environments so that they can live at home for as long as they wish. 

Older persons should remain integrated in society, participate actively in the development of policies and services provided for them and act as volunteers in their communities with younger generations.

Older persons should have access to the full range of care and support services that fully respect their beliefs, needs and privacy and their right to make decisions about their care and the quality of their lives.

Older persons should be enabled to achieve their full potential by access to the educational, cultural, spiritual and recreational resources.

Older persons should be able to live in dignity and security and be free of exploitation, abuse and discrimination.

Central to our vision is the vital role that older people should take in driving forward these changes for themselves and succeeding generations. Older people must reject the stereotypes of dependency, passivity and inevitable decline fostered by widespread ageism and by their own actions replace them by positive images based on self-confidence, active engagement in personal development, community service and a proper understanding of the ageing process.

Criteria of Success in Achieving Our Vision

  • No older person lives in consistent poverty
  • No older person should be required to leave their own home because of the lack of community services
  • No older person should be excluded from community participation because of the lack of public/private transport
  • No older person lives in inadequate housing without basic amenities
  • No older person should live alone without social or personal support

Our Mission

The Mission of Age Action Ireland is:

"To achieve fundamental change in the lives of all older people by empowering them to live full lives as actively engaged citizens and to secure their rights to comprehensive high quality services according to their changing needs"

This mission statement reflects the fundamental shift in our attitude towards and our relationship with older people. All our activities will be geared to supporting older people to speak and act for themselves in bringing about the fundamental changes they want to live full lives.

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Molly's story

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Molly is 80. Last year her home was left in darkness because she couldn't climb on a chair to change a light-bulb.

We help people like Molly. You help us do that.