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Looking for Opportunities for Employees

Volunteer on One of Our Programmes

Older people attending 'getting started' programme with Microsoft staff

Join us in battling digital exclusion with our 'Getting Started ' programme, an exciting collaboration with compassionate companies. Age Action's initiative gives free, one-on-one digital literacy training, helping older people confidently use the internet or their smart devices. Conducted at our partnering company's offices, this five-week course relies on dedicated company employees acting as volunteer tutors. If your organisation is eager to contribute and host a 'Getting Started' course, we're just an email away at Your involvement can make a big difference! 

Organise an Employee Fundraising Event

Fostering team spirit while supporting a noble cause? It's a win-win situation! Consider organising a team-building social event for Age Action as a fulfilling way to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility targets and staff volunteering commitments. We'll supply all the promotional essentials such as posters, collection boxes, and sponsorship cards. Your event can be anything from:

  • A sponsored walk or run 
  • An enjoyable coffee morning
  • An exciting quiz
  • A thrilling race night
  • A casual friday
  • An event of your choosing

You can even participate in one of Age Action's many engaging fundraising events. This unique approach not only promotes camaraderie among your staff but also contributes significantly to Age Action's mission. Contact our team on to get more inspiration for your corporate social event and make a difference in the lives of older people in our community. Encourage team building, fulfil CSR goals, and champion Age Action - all in one go!

Garden Blitz

Volunteers tending to an older person's garden

Unleash the power of your corporate team and help transform the gardens of our older people with Age Action’s Garden Blitz. This one-day event invites volunteers nationwide to tend to gardens that need a little care. We see high interest from corporations for this unique initiative, and it's a fantastic opportunity for companies in Ireland looking to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility. By participating in our Garden Blitz, your team can contribute hands-on support to those who need it most, making a visible difference in their lives. If you're keen to get your company involved in this socially rewarding event, reach out to us at Together, we can turn green fingers into smiles!

Turn Your Volunteering Hours into Donations

Are you aware that your volunteer hours can transform into valuable donations? Many companies in Ireland have a unique policy where your volunteering time can be translated into financial contributions to Age Action. This remarkable initiative not only helps you fulfill your volunteering passion but also supports us in empowering older individuals in our community. Check with your employer to see if this is a possibility they can accommodate

Once Off Volunteering Opportunities

Are you a corporate group in Ireland seeking unique volunteering opportunities? Age Action might just have what you're looking for. From time to time, we present one-off volunteering opportunities perfectly suited for corporate teams. 

Taking part in these activities not only enriches your team's experience but also enhances your corporate profile, showcasing your commitment to giving back to the community. If this resonates with your organisation's values and you're keen to register your interest, reach out to us at With Age Action, make your volunteering hours count and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Age Action Launch Garden Blitz to Revitalise Gardens for Older Residents in Cork

Volunteers and staff from Age Action posing with Garden Blitz Banner

Cork, August 23, 2023 — Age Action, in partnership with volunteers from Gas Networks Ireland, successfully organised a heartwarming "Garden Blitz" event on August 23rd. Bringing together dedicated volunteers to transform the lives of older Age Action clients in the Cork area, this remarkable initiative aimed to create safe and functional outdoor spaces for six deserving people, enhancing their quality of life.