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About the Programme

What is the programme about?

The Ageing & Development programme works on global ageing and issues older people face in developing countries or the global south, such as access to social protection, health & HIV/Aids and the inclusion of older people in humanitarian response or emergency situations. Our main aim is to raise awareness about these issues with the general public, older people, politicians & policy makers and other development organisations in Ireland.

We do this through development education, producing materials, engaging in campaigns and building support among relevant stakeholders on ageing and development issues and the rights of older people. The programme is funded by Irish Aid and the EU and we partner with HelpAge International.

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Why do we work on this?

Population ageing is a global phenomenon and is occurring faster in developing countries, which have less time to adjust to the consequences of this demographic transition. By 2050, older people will account for 20% of the population in developing countries, the same ageing demographic currently experienced in developed countries. It is something that we cannot ignore!

We also work on this to create solidarity between older people here in Ireland and in developing countries. We live in an interdependent, unequal world and the programme aims to make people aware that the things we do here in Ireland affects people in the global south and vice versa.

We also want to encourage older people here in Ireland to become more aware of the similarities and differences between them and older people in the global south. The idea is that they will then act and advocate for a more just and equal society for older people everywhere.

In a world where there is an ever increasing older population there is also an urgent need now, more than ever for development policy makers to pay attention to both the needs and contributions of older people when they are devising policy and programmes. This relates to both development organisations and politicians & policy makers in government.

If we all work together we can plan properly for growing ageing populations in the developing world.

For further information download the Ageing and Development programme brochure (link below).

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Time to speak out about elder abuse

National Safeguarding Committee abuse campaign

Earlier this week the HSE reported that almost 8,000 cases of alleged adult abuse were reported in 2016. But only six per cent of these cases were reported by the alleged victim or a family member. Today, on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we must face the reality that we're failing to speak out about elder abuse in Ireland.