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Ageing in Developing Countries

Ageing & Development

The Ageing & Development programme works on global ageing and issues facing older people in developing countries, such as income insecurity, access to pensions and social protection, access to health care, age discrimination and the inclusion of older people policies and programmes. Find out more about our work by following the links below.

Survey on Ageing and Development Programme 

A short survey on Age Action’s Ageing and Development Programme can be accessed below. We’d be grateful if you could fill it in and return to Age Action. This will help us to understand how our work in this area is perceived and assess its impact. 

Older people make up a growing proportion of populations in developing and developed countries. By 2050, more than 80% of older people will live in develop- ing countries (compared to 60% today). Older people are often less able to flee in times of crisis or natural disasters. In develop- ing countries they face particular challenges. Social protection and pensions play a key role in addressing these challenges. 

Age Action, in conjunction with HelpAge International, is working with older people’s groups in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia. This project is supported by Irish Aid – the international development section of the Department of Foreign Affairs. This Irish Aid-funded programme undertakes targeted activities in support of older people’s access to appropriate social protection in the partner countries. 

Age Action runs a workshop based on our work in Africa. If you would like more information, please contact us at 

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