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Adult Safeguarding Day 19 November 2021

Published 19/11/2021


(19 November 2021) Today is Ireland's first National Adult Safeguarding Day. Age Action is supporting Adult Safeguarding Day as a member of the National Safeguarding Advisory Committee.The event is being coordinated by Safeguarding Ireland – in partnership with organisations across the health, social, financial and justice sectors. The aim is to raise a greater awareness and understanding of adult safeguarding and the prevention abuse, neglect and coercive control. Safeguarding Ireland has called on the general public, organisations, service providers, professionals and politicians to support the event.


What is Adult Safeguarding?

Safeguarding means putting measures in place to uphold our rights, to support our health and wellbeing, to reduce our risk of harm – and to empower us to protect ourselves. Safeguarding involves ourselves, our families, services and professionals all working together to prevent adult abuse.

It means empowerment – that if we face challenges with our capacity, our voices are heard and included. Safeguarding also means planning ahead so that if, at a future date, we need help from others that there is clarity on our wishes – and that these will be respected.

Watch Patricia Rickard-Clarke, Chairperson of Safeguarding Ireland explain more.

What Should You Do?

If you suspect that you are experiencing abuse, neglect, or coercive control or witnessing this happening to someone else – report it. •

In an immediate danger, call An Garda at 999 / 112.

If there is mistreatment but not immediate danger, report it to the local Garda station (directory of stations at, or call the Garda confidential line at 1800 666 111.

For an ongoing safeguarding concern that support is needed with, the HSE National Safeguarding Office is at / (061) 461 358. There are nine Safeguarding and Protection Teams covering all regions in the country.

There are also many support services and telephone helplines for abuse, neglect and coercive control which can be found online or you can contact the Age Action Information Service Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 4.00pm for a list of telephone numbers.


Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Budget 2023 Credit Frederica Aban

(Tuesday 26 July 2022) 

Budget 2023 – No Ordinary Budget for Extraordinary Times

Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Age Action, Ireland’s leading advocacy organisation on ageing and older persons, is calling for a €23 increase in the State Pension saying that Budget 2023 cannot be an ordinary budget. Age Action argues that Budget 2023 needs to deliver an evidence-based increase in the State Pension that is poverty-proofed and equality-proofed – a €23 increase in the State Pension is the minimum amount required to maintain the State Pension’s spending power. The reality of high price inflation is that the full rate contributory State Pension will lose €22.80 in spending power in 2022 and will further lose spending power in 2023 as inflation will still be high.