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Age Action's New Identity

Published 01/06/2021


This Is Who We Are.

Age Action has a new identity. Working with Language, our design goal was to better match how we look to our values and our purpose which are grounded in the pursuit of equality and human rights for all of us as we age.

Our new logo is our ‘signature’ for Age Action.

It is the sign that identifies us and sets us apart.

It is the primary mark that works with our organisation, campaigns and initiatives.

It reinforces our commitment to equality.

It’s how we sign our work!

We hope you like our new look and will join us as we work for a society that enables all older people to participate and to live full, independent lives.


Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Budget 2023 Credit Frederica Aban

(Tuesday 26 July 2022) 

Budget 2023 – No Ordinary Budget for Extraordinary Times

Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Age Action, Ireland’s leading advocacy organisation on ageing and older persons, is calling for a €23 increase in the State Pension saying that Budget 2023 cannot be an ordinary budget. Age Action argues that Budget 2023 needs to deliver an evidence-based increase in the State Pension that is poverty-proofed and equality-proofed – a €23 increase in the State Pension is the minimum amount required to maintain the State Pension’s spending power. The reality of high price inflation is that the full rate contributory State Pension will lose €22.80 in spending power in 2022 and will further lose spending power in 2023 as inflation will still be high.