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Programme for Government ‘disappointing’ and ‘vague’

Published 11/05/2016


Age Action has expressed its disappointment at the measures relating to older people outlined in today’s Programme for Government

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy and Communications at Age Action, said: “The most unpleasant surprise is what’s not in the Programme for Government.

“There is no reference at all to the National Positive Ageing Strategy, which was supposed to be the blueprint for a cross-departmental approach to support growing numbers of older people in the years ahead.

“More than three years since it was published there is no implementation plan for the strategy and we had hoped to see the Government recommit to driving this strategy forward.

“Instead, a Citizens’ Assembly will now be responsible for discussing the ‘future needs…possibilities and opportunities for our ageing population’.

“The Government must clarify the status of the National Positive Ageing Strategy and explain how, or if, it will ensure it is fully implemented.”

Members launching the Age Action election manifesto
Members launching our election manifesto earlier this year

Vague targets

Mr Moran was also critical of the lack of targets in the Programme for Government.

He continued: “In their election manifesto Fine Gael promised to increase the State Pension by €25 over five years, but in the Programme for Government there is only a commitment to increase it ‘above the rate of inflation’.

“The manifesto promised an additional 2.2 million additional home help hours and while the commitment announced today to increase funding for home help and home care is welcome, it is not clear if it will provide the promised 2.2 million hours.

“This Government has been re-elected on the back of the commitments it made during the General Election, including the pledges made to older people, and we expect to see those promises delivered.”