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Bank of Ireland ignoring needs of older customers

Published 04/11/2015


Age Action has accused Bank of Ireland of ignoring the needs of its older customers following proposals to restrict cash withdrawals and lodgements in its branches.

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy and Communications at Age Action, said: “Many of our members are already frustrated with how difficult some banks make it to engage face-to-face.

“The changes proposed by Bank of Ireland, trying to force people to carry out their business online, are only going to make that worse and it’s clear older people were completely ignored in making this decision.”

The majority of people aged 60 and over have never been online. According to the National Digital Strategy only 3 per cent of people aged over 75 have ever used the internet.

Justin Moran continued: “We would urge Bank of Ireland to think seriously about the needs of their older customers. They should facilitate people who want to handle their finances by dealing face-to-face with bank staff they know and trust.”

Bank of Ireland | Pic via Goran Hoglund/Flickr
Pic via Goran Hoglund/Flickr


Input into the Nursing Home Expert Panel on perspectives and experiences in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

(17 June) The Alliance of Age Sector NGOs, represented by Age Action, is meeting with the Nursing Home Expert Panel to communicate perspectives and experiences in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on nursing homes, with a particular focus on planning the further responses to nursing homes’ needs over the next 18 months.  National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), chaired by the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, was established in January. It has been providing direction, guidance, support and expert advice on the development and implementation of Ireland’s strategic response to the pandemic. The Panel is due to report to the Minister for Health by end June 2020 and is has undertaken a public consultation details of which are available here.