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Bank of Ireland ignoring needs of older customers

Published 04/11/2015


Age Action has accused Bank of Ireland of ignoring the needs of its older customers following proposals to restrict cash withdrawals and lodgements in its branches.

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy and Communications at Age Action, said: “Many of our members are already frustrated with how difficult some banks make it to engage face-to-face.

“The changes proposed by Bank of Ireland, trying to force people to carry out their business online, are only going to make that worse and it’s clear older people were completely ignored in making this decision.”

The majority of people aged 60 and over have never been online. According to the National Digital Strategy only 3 per cent of people aged over 75 have ever used the internet.

Justin Moran continued: “We would urge Bank of Ireland to think seriously about the needs of their older customers. They should facilitate people who want to handle their finances by dealing face-to-face with bank staff they know and trust.”

Bank of Ireland | Pic via Goran Hoglund/Flickr
Pic via Goran Hoglund/Flickr


My Legacy Month

My Legacy Month is an initiative for the month of November during which My Legacy and their 65 member charities ask the public to consider leaving a legacy gift in their will to a charity they care about. But what exactly is this? It is simply a gift, something that you can give after you have made provisions for loved ones or family members in your will.


At Age Action we recognise that every legacy gift we receive means that we have been remembered by someone in their will and so it is particularly meaningful to us. We welcome the financial benefit, which helps us continue and develop existing services or can kick start innovative new initiatives, but more importantly the gift is evidence that the person believes that we have, or can, make a positive difference in the lives older people in Ireland.


One of the largest legacies Age Action received, to date, was just over €100,000 which helped us strengthen our Care and Repair service to provide practical support and social contact to older people with the aim of helping them to remain living in their own homes, for longer, in increased safety and comfort. Age Action understands that as people get older, maintaining their home can become more difficult, particularly if they are experiencing mobility issues. Simply changing a lightbulb or weeding the garden can be challenging and paying someone to do it can be expensive for people who depend on the State Pension. 


We also receive regular smaller legacy gifts, which are just as important and meaningful to us and highlight that anyone can plan to include a cause close to their heart, like Age Action, in their will regardless of the size of their estate.


Caroline O’Connell, Head of Fundraising at Age Action says “Leaving a legacy gift to Age Action means that we can continue to make a difference for Ireland’s ageing population, in your memory.”


To find out more about My Legacy including how to make a will to ensure that your wishes are carried out you can visit or if you want to talk about how your legacy gift could make a difference to Age Action you can contact Caroline at