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General public urged to ensure older neighbours remain well during warm weather

Published 23/07/2014


Age Action has urged the general public to check on older neighbours, especially those living alone, during the current warm weather, with Met Eireann forecasting temperatures of 26 or 27 degrees today and over the coming days.

“The warm weather is a real boost to the country, but  it can pose difficulties for older people, especially those with respiratory and heart problems,” Age Action spokesperson Eamon Timmins said. “Certain medications can also reduce people’s tolerance of heat and their ability to regulate their body temperature.”

Age Action is urging people to call or visit their older friends and neighbours to ensure they are okay.  “With temperatures due to reach up to 27  degrees older people should try to remain in the shade at the hottest times of the day, sip cold drinks to remain hydrated, pull curtains on windows which are exposed to the sun, turn off unnecessary electrical equipment  and leave windows open to let air circulate,”  Mr Timmins said. Those who are outside during the day are advised to wear sun screen and headwear and clothing that provides protection.

“We are not used to high temperatures in Ireland, but people should be aware that heatwaves in other countries have resulted in increased deaths among older people,” he said. “Everyone can play their part by being a good neighbour and ensuring that everyone remains well during the current warm spell.”