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Age Action Welcomes Decision by AIB Not to Proceed With Cashless Branches

Published 22/07/2022


(Friday 22 July 2022) Responding to AIB’s announcement on Friday that they will not proceed with their plan to remove cash services from 70 branches, Celine Clarke Head of Advocacy and Communications at Age Action said “Cash is king for people budgeting on low incomes or who are not online. Limiting their access to their cash puts those people at risk of debt. Forcing people to do their business online puts some older persons at risk of financial elder abuse." 

It is a well-documented fact that the drive towards a cashless economy and a digital first model of delivering financial and public services disproportionally impacts on older people who are not online. Our research shows that 65% of people over the age of 65 experience digital exclusion. The Department of Finance’s own research shows that more than half of older persons do not use online banking, and most older persons visit bank branches on a regular basis to make cash transactions. The strong public reaction towards AIB’s cashless branches demonstrates the need for a new inclusive banking model where everyone can get access to affordable and accessible banking facilities so that they can fully participate in society. An inclusive banking model must be an outcome of the Irish Retail Banking Review that is being led by the Minister for Finance” Clarke said.



Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Budget 2023 Credit Frederica Aban

(Tuesday 26 July 2022) 

Budget 2023 – No Ordinary Budget for Extraordinary Times

Age Action Calls for €23 Increase in the State Pension

Age Action, Ireland’s leading advocacy organisation on ageing and older persons, is calling for a €23 increase in the State Pension saying that Budget 2023 cannot be an ordinary budget. Age Action argues that Budget 2023 needs to deliver an evidence-based increase in the State Pension that is poverty-proofed and equality-proofed – a €23 increase in the State Pension is the minimum amount required to maintain the State Pension’s spending power. The reality of high price inflation is that the full rate contributory State Pension will lose €22.80 in spending power in 2022 and will further lose spending power in 2023 as inflation will still be high.