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Age Action Announces its First In-store Information Clinic as it Joins the Community of Newbridge with the Official Opening of Store Number 8

Published 26/09/2019


On Thursday 26th September Newbridge became the official home of Age Action’s newest retail store reflecting the growing presence of the organisation in communities around Ireland.

Age Action’s chain of retail stores play an important role in the organisation’s strategic goal to support people to age in place; not only do the stores provide income to support the work of Age Action but they offer services such as free stock collection and house clearances as well as being a presence in communities where people can gather to listen and learn from each other about what it is like to age in Ireland.

Paddy Connolly, CEO Age Action said “All eight of our stores function as places where people can contact Age Action to find out about our advocacy work and our services. We want our stores to be closely aligned with our work to support and advocate for equality and human rights of all older people and so we are excited to announce Age Action’s first pop-up information clinic which will be held on the first Wednesday of the month in our Newbridge store”.

Each year, on average, 2,500 people contact Age Action’s Information Service about a wide range of issues that affect them and their families. The most common issues are; pensions or carers allowance, accessing community supports, accommodation issues such as fair deal scheme, homecare supports and age discrimination. The Information Officers offer guidance and refer people to resources that will empower them to make informed choices.  Age Action’s pop-up information clinic will start on the first Wednesday of November in the Newbridge store located on Edward Street.

Gail Kennedy, Head of Retail at Age Action said “The opening of our Newbridge store has been a very positive initiative as we benefitted from the experience of the volunteers and staff, particularly our store manager Bernie Crampton. Age Action has also partnered with the Kildare LEADER Partnership through the TÚS programme and built a wonderful relationship with Denis Nolan, our landlord all of whom have helped us settle into the community.”

Age Action’s eight stores carry a wide variety of contemporary and vintage clothing as well as household items and furniture all donated by our supporters. In addition to selling those items, our staff and volunteers build relationships with customers, refer people to Age Action’s support services if they are needed as well as providing a space for older people to meet and talk.

For more information on our network of stores visit


The design of the new Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings Scheme is inadequate and fails to address existing inequalities in the State pension system



Equality for older people requires the re-distribution of resources; power and influence; status and standing; and respect.  Many older people live in the most vulnerable situations in our society with no capacity to increase their income while dealing with the increasing cost of ageing. A new autoenrolment scheme that further drives existing inequalities is simply unacceptable

A Strawman proposal for the new autoenrolment scheme was published in August 2018. A number of substantial concerns were raised at this time regarding the lack of information and clarity around the new scheme. Publication of the revised scheme – with little change from the initial 2018 proposal – in October 2019 saw little additional information made available on a range of crucial areas.

Paddy Connolly, Age Action CEO notes: “Efforts to increase pension coverage, while ensuring greater numbers of people are kept above the poverty line and in income adequacy in retirement are welcome. However, details of the new auto-enrolment scheme offer little information on how the new scheme will be implemented across relevant sectors and outside of paid work, and how it will help prevent further inequalities between those in higher and lower earning jobs, according to gender, and for those who are long-term unemployed.”