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Warning on means-testing of homecare

Published 11/04/2017


Age Action, Ireland’s leading advocacy organisation for older people, has warned that the planned consultation on a statutory homecare scheme must not focus only on funding but on the type of care provided as well.

The organisation, responding to reports in this morning’s papers, also warned that means-testing homecare could lead to older people being denied the supports they need to stay at home.

Campaigners unite for home care
Campaigners are fighting for a right to homecare.

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy and Communications, said: “We welcomed the announcement by Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People Helen McEntee TD of a public consultation on a statutory scheme for homecare.

“It is critical that this consultation not focus only on cost but on the type and quality of care provided, proper regulation of homecare and a transparent, consistent, system of assessing care needs for older people.

“We would be particularly worried about any proposal to introduce a means test. This could prevent people getting the supports they need to stay at home and may lead to greater costs in the long run as individuals denied homecare deteriorate and end up needing nursing home care.”


Call for Voices of Older People to be Heard

Age Action welcomes relaxation of some cocooning measures but criticises lack of consultation with older people.



(1 May) Age Action called for the Government to consult with older people as it plans for the longer-term impacts of Covid-19. To date, public health and Government advice has treated the over 70 age cohort as one. As a single age cohort people over the age of 70 have been subject to public health measures but not enabled to participate in the decision-making process that would ensure that their lived experience and their self-identified needs informs the outcome.