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Positive Ageing Week - September 28th to October 2nd 2020

Positive Ageing Week 2020 September 28th to October 2nd 2020

About Positive Ageing Week 2020

After the outbreak of COVID-19 affected the health of so many older people across the globe, the United Nations decided that the theme of the International Day of Older People (1st October) this year, would be on the impact of pandemics on how we address age and ageing.

As we learn to live with, and recover from, the impact of COVID-19, we have an opportunity to address inequalities experienced by older people, value their role in society, and ensure that the diversity of their voices is heard, informing decisions that affect them. Although events and activities will take place in limited numbers or virtually due to social gathering restrictions, we are hopeful that people of all ages across Ireland will take this opportunity to reflect on these themes within their families, communities, and workplaces. 




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As a result of the current public health measures it will not be possible to hold public events during Positive Ageing Week 2020.  Any events will be held virtually.  Age Action realises that not everyone has access to technology, or the broadband needed to support such virtual gatherings but we would hope that those who have can engage with some/all of the events will do so during the week.

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