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Promoting Positive Ageing Week in your area

When you have decided on the activity you are going to organise for Positive Ageing Week, you will then need to think about promoting it.

This can be done using local media such as parish newsletters, local radio or local newspapers.

If you are unfamiliar with accessing the media and need help, Age Action has drawn up tips to help you.

Just contact Age Action on 01-475 6989 or and we will be pleased send them onto you, or see our media tips below.

A Few Tips to Get Started with Radio Stations

Local radio offers a very powerful means of building a profile for your local activities.

1. Do some basic research on your local station. Most stations have websites with details of the types of programmes they broadcast, and this will give you a good idea of what they are interested in.

2. Develop a list of key contacts, names and details of producers and researchers rather than presenters for relevant programmes. Do this by either phoning the station or checking the website.

3. Contact the main people you have identified and ask them about their requirements for information i.e. whether they prefer to receive information by post, phone, email or fax.

4. Emphasise the local interest of your material.

5. If talking on one programme inform them if you are also talking to another show on the same station about your story- they will get frustrated if they feel they are covering something already covered. Start seeking publicity on the highest profile programme and work your way through the others thereafter.

6. Send your information well in advance of when you are seeking publicity- normally a week before will suffice as a general rule for daily programmes.

7. Make sure the information you send is concise and clear and always includes telephone number, email address (if any) date, time and venue for your event.

8. In your group/organisation think about people who might speak on radio to promote your event more personally.

Getting Mentioned in Local Newspapers or Parish Newsletters

1. Give concise information on:

  • What is being organised, the nature of the event
  • Where it is being held, i.e. venue or location

  • When it is being held, date of event and time it will start and finish at

  • Who should attend and what dignitaries will be attending, if any

2. Mention Age Action Ireland and what it does.

3. Type or handwrite very clearly your news item.

4. Emphasise the level of local interest your event will enjoy and if you can attract a public figure this obviously adds to your event’s interest.

5. Identify editors of the local social or events column.

6. Contact all denominations within a parish.

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