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Winter Webinar Series

A Conversation with Roddy Doyle

10.30am - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 12th

Roddy Doyle was born in Dublin in 1958. He is the author of eleven acclaimed novels including The Commitments, The Snapper, The Van and Smile, two collections of short stories, and Rory & Ita, a memoir about his parents. He won the Booker Prize in 1993 for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Roddy Doyle's new book, Love, will be read each evening commencing Monday 19th October to Friday 22nd on BBC Radio 4 at 10.45 pm as part of The Book At Bedtime.

To receive the link for the webinar please email and include Roddy Doyle in the subject line.

Roddy would like this webinar to be as interactive as possible – if you have a question you would like to put to Roddy then please use the email address with Roddy Doyle in the subject line or have one ready on the day!

This event has been facilitated by the Sutton – Baldoyle U3A group and we are very grateful to them for sharing Roddy with us.

Memories of Cinema and Film in Ireland

10.30am - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 26th

The Irish Cinema Audiences Project, in collaboration with Age Action Ireland and Maynooth University, examines the history of cinema-going in 1950s Ireland. The aim of this project is to assess the impact of cinema on the everyday lives of ordinary cinemagoers.

As many of the cinemas from that time are demolished or repurposed, the stories of ordinary cinemagoers provide a vital link with this aspect of Irish social and cultural history.

Since we launched, we have met with groups around the country to talk to them about the project and to hold memory-sharing sessions during which people are invited to talk about their memories.

To receive the link for the webinar please email and include Cinema in the subject line.

Virtual Visit to EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum & become a Family History Detective

10.30am - THURSDAY DECEMBER 10th

EPIC have a Virtual Tour to discover why 10 million people left Ireland, and the impact they had on the world.  Irish history should never be a long list of names and dates, it should be an experience. Get hands on with Irish culture and its past with this fully interactive museum – swipe through video galleries, dance through motion sensor quizzes, listen to remastered audio from 100 years ago and watch videos that bring Irish history to life. Discover the far-reaching influence of Irish history, and the impact the 10 million Irish men and women who left Ireland had on the world.  

EPIC recently launched a Genealogy Pack aimed at helping young people become Family History Detectives and explore their family tree and heritage. This webinar will start us on a journey of discovery within our own family tree and pass the information on to future generations.

To receive the link for the webinar please email and include EPIC in the subject line.

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