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Home Safe - Making Home Safer for Older People

Age Action’s experienced Care & Repair Team is providing additional supports to older people who are able to transition quickly out of hospital,  into their own homes, to ensure that their homes are safe and that they are in the optimum environment for their needs while also supporting our hospitals to respond to the Covid-19 health crisis.   In emergency cases, Home Safe will also offer urgent repairs and other supports for older people in the community in order to keep people in their home safely.

What is it?

Home Safe aims to support the existing health and social care services. Understanding that many older people want to remain at home or return home after a hospital stay and that those who do not have complex needs may just need small adjustments to their home environment to accommodate them, Home Safe completes small jobs in the home of the older person to make the home safer for them. Home Safe is carried out by Age Action staff and volunteers who are observing strict HSE COVID-19 protocols.

Currently Home Safe is available in Dublin City, Cork City and Waterford City. Home Safe is free of charge with the service user paying for any materials that need to be purchased.

How does it help?

Home Safe makes the older person’s home safer for them to live in or ready for their return on discharge from hospital.

Home Safe will

  • Carry out minor repairs or installations
  • Move furniture such as a bed to a sitting room or kitchen
  • Declutter to deal with trip hazards
  • Install grab rails
  • Complete other small jobs as required

Home Safe is not in a position to complete tasks such as those below due to health and safety concerns:

  • Major building work
  • Complex plumbing or electrical work
  • Tasks that require working at a height above 8ft.

How does it work?

The individual, their representative or health care professional contacts Age Action’s Home Safe requesting the service.

An Age Action representative will contact the individual or their representative to make arrangements to gain access to the home to carry out the requested job.

In a hospital discharge case, once the job is complete, the patient or their representative is contacted to confirm that their home is ready for their return.

How do I get in touch?

Between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday access to the service by calling 0818 911109 and selecting Home Safe.