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A look at life for older people in Tanzania

Group of older women at the Sukuma older persons forum | Tanzania | Ageing in the Developing World | Age Action
Written by: Lianne Murphy
Development Officer, Ageing and Development Programme

Part of Age Action's work involves taking an active part in global policy affecting the rights of older people all over the world. Lianne Murphy is the Development Officer in that area of our Ageing and Development programme. Here she gives an account of a recent trip to northern Tanzania - and the inspirational people she met there.

How to stay safe from scams

Written by: Fergal O’Leary
Director of Communications and Market Insights, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

There are many ways you can fall victim to a scam, by email, text, letter, phone, online and at your front door. A good way to protect yourself from being scammed is to know what scams are currently out there and to remember that there are always new variations of existing scams appearing.  In a guest blog for Age Action, Fergal O’Leary of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission details a number of scams that have been doing the rounds.

To mark Nursing Homes Week, a celebration of their experience by one group of care home residents

Nursing Homes Week | A celebration of care by one group of Irish nursing home residents
Written by: Michael McGlynn
Nursing Homes Ireland Communications & Research Executive

To mark Nursing Homes Week, the national celebration of nursing home care, Michael McGlynn of Nursing Homes Ireland caught up with a number of residents of St Gobnait’s Nursing Home in Co Limerick, all of whom wanted to put forward their positive experiences of their care.