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Bins moving to pay-by-weight

Gerard Scully | Senior Information Officer | Age Action
Written by: Gerry Scully
Senior Information Officer


There is a lot of confusion and worry out there about possible changes to waste collection services. Gerry Scully explains what's being suggested.

Even the Mayor needs some advice from our information team


Dear Age Action,

I have two letters from my bin company saying I owe a standing charge but I have heard on the radio that we are not to pay these anymore. What should I do?

Anne, Artane


The first thing to realise is that while the Government is introducing new rules for how we pay for waste collection these changes will be introduced gradually. There has been a lot of confusion in the media about this with different versions of what is going to happen circulating and various waste management companies making their own decisions about what to do.

If you are content to stay with your present company you should continue to pay your bin charges. But please do not ignore any letters or communications from your company because you think things will change in September.

However, these changes might be a good opportunity to compare how different companies implement the changes and what type of pricing structure they will be offering. What the Government is doing is abolishing the system where some companies offer a ‘flat rate’ for bin services but they are doing this on a phased basis.

This means people who pay a flat rate regardless of the volume of rubbish they throw out will (as their contracts ends) be faced with a new schedule of charges. These will include some form of pay-by-lift or pay-by-weight and could also include a standing charge.

This is intended to encourage people to reduce the amount of rubbish they throw out. It will also mean an increase in the price, possibly for most people, but certainly for those who are now on a ‘flat rate’. There is also a new annual allowance of €75 per person for households that includes people with long-term or lifelong medical incontinence.

The details of this scheme have not been fully disclosed but essentially the bin company will reduce the household bill by €75 and they will be reimbursed by the Government.

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