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Your chance to shape homecare in Ireland

Written by: Dr Marita O'Brien
Health Policy Officer


Last month the Government launched its long awaited consultation on a new statutory scheme for homecare in Ireland.

While those in need of nursing home care have the Fair Deal scheme available, which is not without its problems, nothing like that exists to support families to provide care at home.

Age Action welcomed the announcement of the consultation and we are urging our members and supporters to get involved.

It is critical that this consultation focuses on the type and quality of care provided. We need proper regulation of homecare and a transparent, consistent, system of assessing care needs for older people.

Our homecare services are in crisis. Across Ireland thousands of older people are on waiting lists for home care packages. 

You are the real experts

You're the real experts in homecare, not the people in the Department of Health or the HSE, it’s the people out in the community struggling to get by with too little support or none at all.

This crisis is driven by a lack of adequate funding and the failure to put in place a scheme like this so it’s good to see the Government moving ahead.

The consultation was launched by the new Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People Jim Daly TD.

“I am committed to enabling more care in the community for older people and others with identified care needs,” said Minister Daly. “I would like to find out what people think about current homecare services – what is working well and what needs to be improved.

“I also want to hear the public’s views on what the future scheme should look like. This will help us to design a homecare system that better meets the needs of service users.”

The consultation paper is aimed at people who use homecare services, their families and the general public.

The survey is available online at or you can request a paper copy by calling 01 635 4402.

You can also make a submission with the help of the Age Action information team by calling them on 01 475 6989.

The closing date for submissions is 2 October 2017.



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