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Building confidence for the future

George Ford
Written by: George Ford


A short time ago, I read in a paper or magazine about the changes in life to come in the near future, especially for the elderly folk – and certainly for those who might be computer illiterate and may depend on other people in the family to keep them on the straight and narrow. 

George Ford with his wife Olive and their tutor Eamon

If you are unable to communicate with shops, the bank, the Post Office and transport companies – local or otherwise – then you could be in a great deal of trouble trying to live a comfortable life.

It was reasonable to add to this list – if you were like me – with no family now in Ireland and most of my friends and close pals who were here passed on – the realisation that I was going to find life very limited in all respects, with no “help” available, if my wife passed away before me!

She is the house secretary and administrator and is a first class organiser, keeping me in a most liveable, favourable, mental state, and on whose efforts at organisation I completely depend.

She has self-taught herself to use the computers and phones; and as a consequence, we are able to live and survive with family and friends and keep a civilised home going.

She is able to arrange holiday travel, book hotels for short stays, the flights and tickets with airlines, etc., all of which, some years ago, I was able to do, by landline phone – now an out of date method of communication.

And as for letter writing in business matters, that has become a thing of yesteryear!

What am I to do?!

So what am I to do?! I am 91 years of age – thankfully pretty fit and well, but it really came home to me that it was time I stopped ignoring the computer and got some help.

We have a friend in Kinsale, John Glendinning, who is of the same age, who told us he was very happy with the help and instruction he had received from Age Action, so Olive and I decided I should have a go.

But there was also a hold up in so far as there were no classes available in Kinsale because of a lack of venue to hold them.

After some time, Olive was able to book us into a class in Carrigaline and we duly went. The County Library was the centre.

We met a very friendly crowd and introduced ourselves, and we were allocated an instructor called Eamon who turned out to be a wonderful teacher! 

Nothing was too much trouble

Nothing was too much trouble for him, and he always tried to explain the answer to us so that we had a proper understanding of it both the question and the answer. I certainly wish I had had him as a teacher in bygone school days!

Five weeks attendance and we are able to get in touch with our families and Olive had further progressed from her previous handling of the iPad.

A really great comfort to us both, to know so much now that we – and especially me – have a confidence for the future and will not feel that we have been bypassed by the future.

Thank you all so much for what you voluntarily have given us and many others.



Delighted to hear of the Fords becoming computer literate . Good luck

George Ford is a man who has given me hope I have had my first lesson one to one with Michael in Stillorgan Library in Dublin looking forward to next week PG

This is terrific! So glad John D recommended Age Action Getting Started program. I was lucky myself to meet him for a chat/interview when the office on the Model Farm Road opened.
Onwards now with good wishes.
Maureen Cullinane

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