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Have YOUR say on ageing in Ireland

Age Action's Justin Moran at the committee meeting
Written by: Justin Moran
Head of Advocacy and Communications


The Citizens’ Assembly is inviting members of the public, representative groups and citizen organisations to make submissions on the second topic the Assembly will consider, ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of an Ageing Population’. 

Chairperson of the Citizens’ Assembly Ms Justice Mary Laffoy.

The Assembly was set up by the Government to look at a range of issues including the eighth amendment to the Constitution, fixed term parliaments, referendums, climate change and planning for an ageing population.

The Assembly is an exercise in deliberative democracy that places the citizen at the heart of important legal and policy challenges facing Irish society.

It is made up of the Chairperson, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, and 99 citizens, randomly selected to be broadly representative of the Irish electorate.

“The challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is the second topic the Assembly will be tasked with considering and making recommendations on,” said Ms Justice Laffoy.

“It is important that we hear a range of opinions and therefore I would encourage people, both young and old, to make a submission and bring their views to the Assembly. The submissions play a key role in helping to shape the Assembly’s discussions.” 

Get involved

The closing date for submissions is 19 May 2017, next Friday, and Age Action is strongly encouraging people to get involved.

This really is an opportunity for everyone. Don’t leave this process to organisations like us!

It’s so important to have your say, to set out in a short letter or email what you think Ireland must do to make this country the best place in the world in which to grow old.

All documents received by the Assembly secretariat may be listed on the website, in order of date received and displayed with a name/name of organisation and the title of the submission.

Submissions can be made online at or by post to Citizens’ Assembly, 16 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, to arrive no later than 19 May 2017.



Allow the Nursing Home Scheme to be extended to allow Older people the choice to remain in their own homes until they die.

I am reading this on the 30th of April......this is the first notice I have of the dates. The 5th of May is not giving individuals much time to respond. Can this date be extended in the interests of democracy.?

Hi Martina,

I have no idea what chance there is of an extention to the deadline and the best people to approach on that would be the Assembly itself: 

I know they launched the call for submissions on 3 April and we featured that in the April edition of the magazine. There were also a number of advertisements in the newspaper but unfortunately that's never going to cover everyone so that's why we wrote the blog to try and encourage people to make submissions.


You have disgraced the concept of consultation in your treatment of submissions in your first phase. Your advice to participants to dip in and out of a small sample of submissions in my view indicates a need for a judicial review of your procedures

This is the evenong of Msy 19 3027 anf this is the first I heard about this important commission on ageing. I now have no time to make a submission. This commission role was not widey advertised. Ask for an extension

Hi Paul, the closing date for submissions was actually 5 May and they gave an extension to 19 May to facilitate people. I'm afraid I don't think they will give another one.

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