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Ireland must support human rights for older people

Lianne Murphy, Ageing & Development Officer, Age Action
Written by: Lianne Murphy
Ageing and Development Officer, Age Action


This week (14-16 July) UN members states are meeting in New York to discuss the rights of older people.

With numbers of older people rising rapidly globally Age Action is behind a new international convention on the rights of older people.

The Open Ended Working Group on Ageing is the UN process where the need for a new international convention on the rights of older people is being discussed. This is their sixth meeting. The first one took place in 2011.

With numbers of older people rising rapidly both here in Ireland and globally we in Age Action think that a new international convention on the rights of older people is the most effective way to ensure that all people can enjoy their human rights in older age on an equal basis with others.

Currently older people’s rights are invisible in the international human rights system.

While many international human rights instruments, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,  are universal by nature, older people are rarely mentioned specifically, either in the treaties themselves or by the committees who monitor compliance.

In addition only four out of more than 38,000 recommendations in the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review have specifically addressed discrimination against older people.

A new convention could change this.

This week in New York, those governments supporting the convention will outline exactly what they want to see and what rights need to be protected, such as the right to long-term support for independent living and the right to freedom from violence and abuse.

Unfortunately, Ireland is not one of these governments. While they have been broadly supportive of the process and a wider discussion on the rights of older people, they do not support a Convention for older people.

While it is important that Ireland continues to support the UN process, we believe older people in Ireland deserve better from their government.

They deserve a government that takes them seriously and supports a new convention to protect their human rights on a par with others.



I would like to see the support agencies for older persons to take a serious and urgent look at how older people are treated by HSE paid Carer in their home. I am referring specifically with family members who abuse the system. They like to take the financial assistance but do not look after their loved ones in a just manner. If there is supervision,carers know in advance and create a god impression for that day.Also,why does public care services finish at 5pm ,and no service at w/ends?.When are we going to get proper rights for older persons?

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Age Action Welcomes the launch of the Housing Options for our Ageing Population Policy Statement

Responding to today’s launch of the Housing Options for our Ageing Population Policy Statement, Paddy Connolly, CEO of Age Action, Ireland’s leading advocacy organisation  said;

“This is a welcome joint initiative by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and the Department of Health because it begins to address the needs of our ageing population in terms of ageing in place.  The commitment to provide real choice to people through a catalogue of housing with supports is welcome, especially the recognition that an ageing population has diverse needs.”

He continued “Age Action believes that we should have a choice to age in place which means the creation of age friendly environments, including the provision of support services locally, which enable people to remain in their own homes and in communities for longer. The wider support needs of people as we age was to be addressed through the National Positive Ageing Strategy which was published in 2013 and is yet to be implemented.”