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50 ways to help Age Action

  1. Auction of Anything and Everything (promises, skills, kisses, chores, ...)  
  2. Aerobics marathon/ sponsored workout  (or sponsored swim, walk, cycle, silence,...)
  3. Bingo Bonanza Night
  4. Bake sale, date sale or sale of anything else you have that people might want
  5. Baby show/glamorous granny contest                                                                                    
  6. Bridge Tournament
  7. Cabaret Night    
  8. Come Dine With Me Nights
  9. Disco (themed) - Abba, Ska, Punk, Back to the Future (80’s, 70’s, 60’s...)
  10. Duck race/ Egg and spoon race/Fun Run
  11. Easter egg hunt/Easter Hat Competition/Easter Parade
  12. Exhibition -Art/craft/photography/flower arranging/children's work etc
  13. Fancy Dress Night (or even better at work!)
  14. Fashion show
  15. Fortune telling and horoscopes
  16. Give something up e.g. smoking, chocolate etc. (sponsored)
  17. Golf tournament
  18. Head shave (sponsored) or Leg Wax!
  19. Horse race night
  20. It’s a knock out
  21. Irish dancing marathon
  22. Jumble sale or Garage Clear Out Sale
  23. Karaoke Night
  24. Knitting marathon (sponsored)
  25. Luncheon
  26. Make up party
  27. Midsummer Ball
  28. No uniform day
  29. One-day fasts (sponsored)
  30. Open house/open garden
  31. Pub crawl
  32. Pet show
  33. Quiz nights
  34. Rugby match (or football, tennis, handball,...)
  35. Scrabble evening
  36. Summer fair
  37. Talent night
  38. Teddy Bear's picnic
  39. Tea dance
  40. Ten pin bowling
  41. Treasure hunt (on foot or in car)
  42. Valentines Party
  43. Vintage Car Rally
  44. Wine tasting/wine and cheese
  45. Who dunnit/murder evening
  46. Whist drive
  47. Xmas Cards
  48. Xmas fair/party
  49. Yard of ale competition
  50. Zany ideas (too many to list here....!)