About Positive Ageing Week



What is Positive Ageing?

Positive ageing is the term we have chosen to encapsulate what Age Action is trying to do to make Ireland the best place in which to grow old. It means a society in which people of all ages enjoy the same status and rights.

What is Positive Ageing Week?

Positive Ageing Week is a festival which highlights the positive aspects of ageing and celebrates the contribution older people have made and continue to make to their communities.

PAW Ethos

The central aim of Positive Ageing Week is to dispel the many negative perceptions that surround ageing and to transform attitudes towards ageing and older people. We need to celebrate the fact that we are living longer and that ageing is not a burden but an opportunity.

Who organises Positive Ageing Week?

Age Action Ireland as part of its contribution to mark 1st October as UN International Day of Older Persons has organised Positive Ageing Week over the past 11 years.

Age Action coordinates Positive Ageing Week and organises a small number of events – please see Age Action Events. All other events and activities are organised by active retirement groups, local voluntary groups, nursing homes, libraries, commercial organisations and individual older people themselves. These events are all listed in a National Calendar of Events under County by County and the majority of these events are open to the public. 

Last year over 1000-recorded events took place in 26 counties throughout the country and this year we are hoping for at least 1250, including many from across the border.

What can You do?
Why not organise an event or activity in your area? See our list of Ideas for Activities & Events

We encourage groups to think about making their event sustainable during the year for example, if participants enjoy an arts and craft workshop, a poetry reading group or a fun walk, it may be a good idea to set up a monthly club

Why not attend an event happening in your area. See the National Calendar of Events from mid September

Or get together with your neighbours and friends and become a Positive Ageing Week Town. There are currently 13 towns signed up this year - see Positive Ageing Week Towns